Patience Doesn’t Exist


My week started out like every day normally does, with a meditation practice and 60 minutes of yoga. I begin each yoga practice with a daily reading from a book I love, ‘A Year of Living Your Yoga’, by Judith Hanson Lasater. As I read the words that I have provided you with below, I must admit it caught me a little bit off guard.


Her words made me not only reflect back on my leadership roles within organizations, but also the qualities that I work with my clients each and every day, to build. In our busy lives, both personal and professional, living now in internet seconds, do we remember what patience is and it’s importance?

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you really want to be the leader, the calming influence, and part of the solution, try to make your next steps, be one or all of the four below.

Step Back From The Tension and Take a Breath

Our immediate reaction to any conversation that brings with it tension, or negativity, brings a tightening of the muscles, and perhaps you find yourself taking a step in a little bit closer to the individual you are speaking with.

Take a step back, physically a step back, and give both of you some room to think in. Take a few deep breaths, and give your body and your mind time to calm down, settle in, and ground yourself in what is happening.

Stand In Their Shoes

Life really isn’t all about us. When you step into the role of a leader, you need to understand that you are here to serve others. You are here to set an example, and mentor. Imagine how life is for the person you are speaking with, or trying to resolve a situation with.

You don’t know what they are going through at home, with other colleagues, or in their own mind. Try to see the situation through their eyes, given the path they have walked, or are currently walking. Make it about them.

Ask Questions In A Positive Mindset

Remember a time when you were in a heated discussion, or had a very crucial decision to make, and reached out to someone you trusted for insight? What was their tone like?

Think of a time when someone you went to for support or help, just dragged you right down a deep dark rabbit hole. Did they seem to just make the weight of this decision heavier? On the reverse side, remember that person that you went to that helped you sort through a situation or decision process in a very upbeat tone, using very positive language and words? Which one would you want to work for, or have lead you through treacherous times?

Own Your Own Stuff

I remember the first time I really had a heart to heart discussion with my daughter about owning her own stuff. I know as a single mom I always tried to enforce this concept from a very early age, this particular incident is the one that we will both remember forever.

Being able to take responsibility for your own actions is critical to the success in your life. No one should ever take on the false mindset that given their position, their title, or their place in society, that they are above owning their own stuff.

As a leader, patience is your foundation. Without it, it’s like building a house, without first having a solid foundation in place. Patience is also something that you can not own, if you don’t step back and evaluate your day to day priorities. If you think you can run 90 to nothing, and claim patience, you are kidding no one but yourself.

Patience allows us to suspend any moment, giving us the space to make the right decision. Patience allows us to grow individuals into people that perhaps can’t develop at the speed of sound.

Do yourself a favor, and start to notice when you are failing to be patient. Embrace those triggers, give them a hug…love them, and then make a commitment to yourself, to manage them.



Jeannine Miller is a the mastermind behind 3D Mindful Leadership, a program that combines yoga, meditation, equine learning and development, with personal and team coaching, to grow mindful leaders. Jeannine is a certified leadership coach, certified yoga therapist, avid horse woman, with over 25 years of corporate experience to coach from.