Magical Principle #3

“Talking to the Universe”


3 Magical Principals Series

Magical Principle #3

“Talking to the Universe”

Working through to maturity, advancing in your career and growing into the best fit in your personal life has given you quite a bit of experience in both talking to yourself, and in talking to others. Granted there are days when we wish our “speak” would have been a little nicer, more articulate, and perhaps even a little more light hearted and animated. We show up though, the way we choose to show up.

You get the principle of talking to yourself, and about talking to yourself. Maybe not always what your best intentions, but you get it. Now you may be thinking, what exactly is “talking to the universe”? Here are just a few things to carry along with you, as you read the remainder of this article:

  • Stay aware – Put down the cell phone, step away from the laptop, and get out of the crazy cycle of thoughts that keep your mind constantly spinning. Be still, take a deep breath, and really notice what is happening AROUND you. What might the universe be telling you?
  • Ask for Guidance – Start a conversation with the universe. Whether it is in your head, or through your voice, put out there what you are struggling with, what you need answers to, how you are feeling about a certain situation, and then listen. What might the universe being saying back to you?
  • Stay Open – Answers and ideas can come to you through signs that you may not make sense at the time, or even make you feel uncomfortable. Be open to these signs that may be offering you solutions or opportunities. Many times we get our best ideas when we allow our self to step OUTSIDE of our zone.
  • Pay Attention to the Signs – Think back over an encounter that you have experienced recently. Did this encounter result in being some sort of sign for you? The universe puts many signs in front of us, but if we aren’t paying attention due to texting, working too hard, or talking too much, like an exit on a freeway, we will miss it.
  • Pete & Repeat – How many times have you crossed paths multiple times with someone you didn’t know from Adams house cat, only to find yourself approached by them for a date, a job offer, or ended up having them as a business partner? Many times things cross our paths multiple times before figuratively a truck hits us and we say “duhhhh – it was a sign”. Pay attention to what the universe continues to put in your path!

Keeping each of these five modes of universal communication in mind, let’s look at a few areas where learning to “talk to the universe”, can really make a difference!

“The Work, Life, Sex and Money Balance”

As we move into adulthood we are blessed with a vicious cycle of responsibility. Most of us have to work to live, work to be able to support all of the fun things that we want to do during our off time, and at some point balance a relationship in the midst of all of it. Each of these four, work, life, sex and money, have a profound influence on the balance we experience in our day-to-day life.

Money is one way in which the universe provides us a way to life. For most of us, we have to work at something, in order to receive that money. Many individuals are driven to work 24×7, because money is a very important part of their life. If there are others in their lives, such as a family, significant other, or even pets, their universe, and everyone’s around them, is out of balance. It is very important that we learn how to create balance, allowing time for fun, for sex, and in general, for a life outside of work.

What if we paid attention to the signals both in work and out of work? What if we took the time to become a little more balanced between the two? Would we then perhaps show up at work more attentive, more focused, more creative? At home, maybe we would have time to walk the dog, play with the kids and have intimate time with our partner.

“Sharing the Spotlight of Success”

 Each time we share the spotlight; we have helped someone to take one step forward into his or her own success. Sharing the spotlight isn’t, or shouldn’t be about what it does for US, but what it does for the person stepping into the spotlight. It’s kind of like the verbiage you’ve always heard around lending money – when you give someone money you need to be okay first, knowing that you may never get that money back. It’s really all about helping someone else. Ways that you can work with the universe to share the spotlight of success are:

  • Creating Win-Wins! By doing this you not only help others, you also help to ramp ambition of those around you, as well as that of yourself. Creating win-wins keeps us in the game, giving us purpose and self-satisfaction in knowing that everyone was a winner.
  • Ask Questions ~ Powerful Questions! Ask other people questions, ask yourself questions and don’t forget to ask the universe questions! Always remember to pause, and take the time to REALLY listen for the answers. If not, why ask?
  • Follow Your Dreams & Break Them Down Into Goals! Dreams are dreams, but when you break a dream down into goals, that are where the magic starts to happen! As the universe for help with that goal, put it out there, and see it all come together!
  • Delegate and Motivate! Every time we delegate, we really can motivate. Yes, we all received tasks to do that we wish would have been passed on to someone else, but take a minute and look at it from a new perspective. Ask the universe why you were blessed with this task, and what can you learn from it. Believe me, there is something in there for you, or you wouldn’t have been given it! At the same time, when you are the delegator, think of who should receive what. You have the amazing ability to be able to nurture, motivate, and create the opportunity for someone to shine!

“Your Personal Power – Express It!”

To each of us, “personal power” has it owns definition. For me personally, my personal power comes from “centeredness”. My entire career I have been driven by following a path where I am always true to myself, ethical and fair. I’m a true believer in doing the right thing.

What personal power is NOT, is having or exercising control over others. When we have a true sense of personal power, when we feel confident, and have achieved this inner quality, you no longer have the need to dominate anyone, or any thing. We all have known individuals in lives that have this quality, and we are all drawn to it in some way.

As you continue to grow and nurture your personal power, pay attention to the signs around you, the universe around you the greater your personal power, the more self-reliant, inspiring and attractive to others you will become, while never letting go of your modesty and humility. Your ability to be able to trust others will gain in leaps and bounds, and you will find that you have learned to trust the right people, as well as “the process”. Always remember to ask yourself, do others trust me? Trust has to be a two way street, and looking to the universe to help supply these answers, is always a great plan!

“Now ASK the Universe!”

Now comes the fun part! It’s time to just put your self out there, and “ask the universe”! Remain open-minded and listen to your soul, and have some fun with this part. As you give this a try, here is some food for thought:

  • Positive Thoughts – Positive Language! When we think positive thoughts and use positive language to put those thoughts out into the universe, we can’t help but get back and give out, positive vibes, positive qualities. As you go through your day, put your asks out into the universe with articulate words, positive words, and in an unattached way.
  • Schedule a chance encounter! Living the life that YOU want, that YOU choose, is all about bumping into the right people. Schedule chance encounters by choosing the business and personal circles that you want to move in. Look at how you are encountering people now, and how would you like to step that up? How do you want to show up, and with whom do you want to show up? What can you do differently to make this happen? Are you being too specific as to whom you want to meet? This can also eliminate many wonderful opportunities, and represents not being “open” to what the universe may send you.
  • Coincidence – Meaningful or not? Do you believe in coincidences? Do you seem to notice when the same thing seems to be happening to you over and over again, be it good or not so good? Do you think that people fall into your life by happenstance, or for a reason? Definitely noodling on this one is great practice for putting yourself out there, and asking the universe questions.
  • Soul Connections – Take a few moments today and think of someone you know. Perhaps they are part of our family, someone you work out with, someone in the cube next to you. What amazing qualities do they have that you feel blessed to be able to experience each day?
  • Communicate Without Communicating! In today’s era of modern technology, where everyone is talking, texting or emailing, what if we sat still and said nothing at all? What if you took a minute to sit on your patio, and thought about that amazing neighbor who brought you fresh corn this morning? While waiting for a meeting to begin with a client that you find challenging, what if you thought about one thing you find amazing about them, and put that one amazing thought out into the universe? What impact do you think those thoughts would have with the universe? Try it. I would love to hear back!

Whether you are a project or program manager, or have chosen to step into any type of leadership role, understanding and practicing these three magical principles will be beneficial to your success. The three principles apply and can be used in both your professional and your personal life. Each day when we wake up WE have a choice as to how we are going to talk to ourselves, talk to others, and talk to the universe. What talk will you choose to talk….and walk?

Keep moving forward and remember ……..“How you show up anywhere, is how you show up everywhere!”

                                                   ……show up fabulous!



Three Magical Principles of a Leading Project Manager is a 3 part series that focuses on the magical principles for project managers to apply as they grow into strong authentic and compassionate leaders.



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