What are you about?

⇒ You get up each and every day, and go into the job you've committed to.

⇒ There's times when you LOVE what your do!

⇒ Some days  you can't even imagine how you are going to make it through another hour.

⇒ You realize that YOU may not be doing everything you can, to make this gig work.

⇒ You have professional, personal and community goals that just can't seem to succeed.

⇒ You are ready for a CHANGE...a change in YOU!!

What are we about?

After working for 30 years leading global teams for companies like IBM, Lowes, major healthcare organizations, just to name a few, and managing 50 million dollar projects, I realized that it didn’t matter how much money I brought home. I wanted to mentor and lead teams that could communicate, that could ROCK it, and LOVE showing up every day!

Organizations lose millions of dollars a year because of team miscommunication, and lack of the right kind of leadership. As I researched how to improve my leadership style, both in and out of work, I started to learn various forms of communication to become a better employee, consultant and leader.

I also learned that communication training is not effective. Trainings were normally held in an office or hotel environment, and found individuals too much in their comfort zone, making it difficult for both individuals and team members to think and act out of their perceived box, while solving problems.

Here's where the real fun begins! Healthcare Technology ILC, LLC offers programs that merge my passion for equine learning with team communication. We help individuals to understand the difference in being a leader, and choosing to be a mindful leader.

The outcome continues to provide opportunities to push employees out of their comfort zone, in a safe environment, while pushing through any communication barriers, and creating a bonding experience like none other.

At Healthcare Technology ILC events, there are no suits, no cell phones, and no distractions or  disturbances. The new environment gives you wide open space to think, to create, to be mindful...all things that increase the bottom lines in all aspects of our lives and businesses.


Jeannine Miller Snap Shot SlantAbout Jeannine....

Healthcare Technology ILC, LLC was founded by Jeannine Miller in 2008. As a 30 year veteran of corporate organizations, Jeannine promoted herself to "Entrepreneurial Coach & Mentor Extraordinaire" and is absolutely PASSIONATE about what she does!

Jeannine is a hybrid of corporate professional, certified coach & yoga therapist, and avid horse woman. Jeannine has spent her life 'getting' mindfulness and authenticity.

Whether in a corporate meeting, on a yoga mat, leading a team or working a horse, each one contributed to the end result. Success!

For those of you who are credential oriented, Jeannine is a certified PMP with PMI (Project Management Institute) & a certified coach and member of ICF (International Coach Federation). She is also a certified yoga therapist (E-RYT200) and EAGALA certified Equine Professional.

Organizations are not people, they are paper. The bottom line for any individual, business or team, is communication. Our bottom line is only as healthy and successful as the level at which we communicate at.

Through our programs we build strong, compassionate communicators and leaders, who know the art of building rapport, and sharing the spotlight of success, through the practice of mindful and authentic communication.

Leadership is not about title, or position, or job....leadership is about making a difference...the right difference, and knowing how to communicate that at all levels, across all audiences.