The #1 Reason You Struggle As A Leader Is..

TheReasonYouStruggleAsALeaderIs (2)

SPACE…lack of it.

Out of thousands of executives and individuals polled, the #1 reason they stated for feeling like they were struggling as a leader, was SPACE. Yes…SPACE.

With over 30 years working in various corporate organizations, I can completely relate to this struggle. At one point in my career I was leading large teams implementing multiple software installations across many organizations.

Between juggling my companies needs along with the clients, there were days I wasn’t really sure which juggling act took priority. For a year and a half I would travel to Brooklyn, NY on Monday, returning on either Thursday or Friday. The airport was always packed, The planes were crammed full with mostly unhappy business people. And each morning or evening, when catching a car from hotel to client, I felt like I had to undergo a complete personality change in order to secure a ride. From the moment I stepped into the organization, until I stepped back out, I was on a non-stop treadmill.

My only salvation during that gig was the small little space in my hotel room. Just barely enough room for my yoga mat. Yes, People’s, this was my SPACE.

Some of you may laugh, some of you may say, “Yes, I get that Jeannine!” Either way, I know for certain that each and every one of you have experienced the need for SPACE…be it in your day, your week, or your life in general!

We struggle with the pros and cons of the impact of the over the top presence of technology. While running down the hall, zoned in only to our smart phone, who is REALLY the smart one, as we  try to meet the expectation of fitting 10 lbs of ‘stuff’ into a single baggie each day! Again we find ourselves buing into the mis-belief that there is REALLY no time, or importance in connecting 1:1, fact-to-face. Wow! Mindful? Authentic?? NOT!!

Mindful & Authentic Leadership

Leadership is NOT about a title, or a position. Being authentic doesn’t mean that only YOUR agenda counts. Mindful & Authentic Leadership is allowing you to be still long enough, to be able to make conscious and compassionate decisions. It’s about allowing you non-structured, non-task filled time to be creative.

Mindful & Authentic Leadership is in part, all about learning how to find YOUR space. It doesn’t have to be a yoga mat (although that is a darn good start), and it doesn’t have to be the great outdoors. What it does need to be is a SPACE where YOU feel comfortable quieting your mind.  A space where you can listen and not feel compelled to speak. A space that allows you to not only breathe, but be aware of that breath as you take it. So what are your options?

Walk It

Taking a walk outside of where you work, or where you live, is an excellent way to give yourself some space. In our workshops I teach a “walking meditation”. Do you have to close your eyes, well we would prefer you don’t. It’s a method of meditation that allows you to move, while keeping your head clear of thoughts and interuptions, in a setting that makes you feel grounded. What better than the great outdoors!

An Empty Room 

So you are challenged with being in a clients space, or in a place where enjoying Mother Nature is a bit of a stretch. Maybe the weather doesn’t permit the option of getting outside. In this case… “get a room”! Somewhere in the building where you are, find an empty conference room, or even perhaps the office lounge area, or go rogue and find a quiet stairwell. Anywhere that is quiet will do. Having a place where you can sit quietly, eyes closed, and able to have the time to be aware of every breath as it travels in and out.

Your Office

If all else fails, go to your office. Close the door, and take a seat. Make sure the phone is on silent, and your monitor is turned off. This is all about YOU being able to have some space in which to be quiet, to turn off your mind, to be uninterrupted.

Be Authentic

Where ever you decide your space is, remember this is all about you. It isn’t about what your boss, or your friends, or your significant other things that space should be, it is 100% YOU. Where do you feel grounded? Where do you feel safe shutting off your brain, and pausing for a brief meditation? Only you know the recipe for you!

Whether an executive, director, manager, doctor, student, mother, father, each of you are a leader, and where put on this earth to lead in some capacity. What you do with that gift is 100% up to you.

Today and going forward, leadership is a critical need in our global society. Leadership is not about title, leadership is not about job. Leadership is about #clarity, #courage, #passion and having the creativity and compassion to build your life success around each of these, in your own authentic style.

For a some good questions to ponder…please check out “The #1 Reason You Struggle As A Leader” pdf. I hope you enjoy this exercise, and remember….

“How you show up anywhere, is how you show up everywhere!”

…show up as an authentic, mindful leader!


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